Pre-School Vision Screenings

Did you know that 1 in 20 children have an undetected vision problem? Screening children as early as three years old opens up a window of opportunity to identify vision loss at a young age.

The primary goal of CABVI’s preschool vision screening program (PSVS) is to help prevent serious vision impairments through early detection and treatment. Research demonstrates that vision loss can be mitigated if diagnosed then treated early in life.

Despite advances in healthcare, vision disorders remain a common pediatric health problem in the United States. Vision screenings do not replace professional assessments, but the American Optometric Association supports programs like the one at CABVI.

CABVI offers a FREE Preschool Vision Screening program for children ages 36 to 59 months. For more information, contact Brittnee Livingston at (315) 797-2233 x4041 or at brittneel@cabvi.org.

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