Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists work with both children and adults to identify problem areas, such as fine motor skills, that prevent them from participating in everyday activities.

Occupational Therapy

Our therapists have received specialized training in remedial vision rehabilitation. In addition to this training, therapists use evidence-based practice guidelines in their therapy sessions.

Our therapists can treat the following diagnosis: Convergence insufficiency, Binocularity disorders, Ocular motility dysfunctions, Accommodation dysfunctions, and TBI’s or ABI’s. Therapists can treat birth to the elderly.

Services can be provided in several settings such as school districts, home or our CABVI locations (Utica or Syracuse)

Therapists accept most insurance plans including works comp and no fault.

Referral Process

Doctor referral: After your comprehensive eye exam with your eye doctor, the doctor may recommend Remedial vision rehabilitation services if you qualify. This therapy program can be completed at CABVI.

Self-referral: If you believe that you qualify for OT remedial vision services, you may do a self-referral to CABVI. To do a self-referral, you must have an eye exam up to date within the past year.

TBI/ABI: If you recently sustained an injury (TBI/ABI), it is important that you are seen by an optometrist for a comprehensive vision evaluation prior to completing initial evaluation.

Team Collaboration

During initial evaluation, treatment program and discharge plan, Occupational Therapist and Optometrist have an ongoing collaboration. This collaboration is warranted to best support consumers’ needs and achieve their goals.