Camp Abilities

Camp Abilities-CABVI is a youth development program for children and teens that are blind or visually impaired. We engage kids who have low vision, to remain physically active by: participating in leisure activities, engaging in physical education classes, using technology and developing independent living skills that will last a lifetime. Children and teens discover what they CAN do.

Multiple times during the year, Camp Abilities-CABVI offers overnight programs, a summer camp at Camp Nazareth, in Woodgate, NY and, a winter camp located at Camp Huntington in Raquette Lake, NY. Activities at camp include but are not limited to: tandem biking, beep baseball or kickball, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, cooking skills, and technology instruction. New and different experiences are added each year.

We also help prepare campers for the future with vocational experiences and informational seminars. Our staff meets with students at home or, in their school and their communities to ensure newly acquired skills are retained and expanded.

If you would like to learn more about Camp Abilities-CABVI, or how to become a counselor, please contact us today!