Make Your Cane Your Own

September 1, 2020

Several visually impaired people walking around using white canes.

What is white with a touch of red, and is a basic Mobility tool allowing great independence for blind travelers? Yes, it is the “long cane.” Its white color is exactly the feature that makes it effective during outdoor travel. People understand what it means, and that fact can lead to increased safety for cane users.

Although long canes are uniformly plain, white and unremarkable, long cane users are not. They are a diverse group of interesting individuals. A Tennessee company called Kustom Cane understands that, and will custom-design and manufacture a uniquely decorated long cane according to the requested specifications from the cane user. They ask questions to those who contact them such as, “Would you like a “cat and dog cane,” a “New York Giants” cane, or a “piano keyboard cane?” These designs are possible, and, in fact, most themes are acceptable. There are also fancier designs such as the Black & White Pearlz with Rhinestone Collar and Black Adjustable Shaft. The choices are really plentiful!

The canes are standard models, but can be highly decorated and colorful. Some can get a bit pricey, but will certainly be conversation-starters. Although they are not recommended for routine, on-the-street travel, but may be nice to have for special occasions and gatherings. To check out the Kustom Cane Company, visit the website here: http://www.kustomcane.com/about.php

The Facebook link can be found at the link below: https://www.facebook.com/Kustom-Cane-272840179481964/

Lastly, if you prefer to call directly, the phone number is 901-483-1515.