Apps to Help the Blind and Visually Impaired Navigate Unfamiliar Territory

September 28, 2022

Picture of apps being touched by a finger

Blind and visually impaired people usually stick to similar routes that they can rely on memory to get them from point a to b. There are apps to help people complete daily tasks, venture new places and lead a more independent life.

  • Be My Eyes
  • Lookout by Google
  • RightHear
  • Ariadne GPS
  • Blind Square
  • Ability App

Be My Eyes has sighted volunteers help with tasks big and small for blind and visually impaired people lead more independent lives. This app can be used for many things like checking out objects, dates but most importantly helping navigate new areas.

Lookout by Google helps people with low vision with quick read, scanning documents, reading food labels, exploring and identifying currency. In explore, people can use the app to identify obstacles like tables, plants, humans, furniture and more. Simply by using the camera of your device, objects that may be in your way will be identified.

RightHear is integrated with other apps like Be My Eyes and Google Maps to help you get to where you need to be. This app helps detect nearby locations and helps you get to them.

Ariadne is a GPS app that helps blind people explore the world. This app has the ability to tell you exactly where you are and monitor it while you are walking. You can opt in to have the app tell you if anything changes on your route, approaching street names as well as an alert when your chosen favorite locations are nearby. If you are on public transit or in a noisy area you can have these alerts set to a vibration.

BlindSquare ensures safe travel for blind and visually impaired people by announcing points of interest when traveling. This apps works both when navigating outdoors and indoors to make sure the person gets where there need safely. BlindSquare will let you know of popular shops and cafes near you so you know where you are.

The Ability App helps you go places with confidence. This app helps not only the blind and visually impaired but also people with cognitive impairments and vision loss. Find places available with braille menus, maps, signs and access to assistive technology. Those with cognitive impairments can find places that are sound, light, scent sensitive and tell you the crowd size. People with hearing loss can use the app to find places with sign language speaking staff and access to assistive technology. The app also helps locate nearby public transportation, accessible ramps and doors, accessible lodging and bathrooms.

There are many apps that help the blind and visually impaired identify things like money, clothing and reading labels. As well as apps that specifically helps with safe navigation. It is important to research the different options to determine which will work best for you.