Turnbull TV #42 – USA Blind Hockey Team

August 19, 2020

A preview of the video with Dylan on the left, Tim in the middle, and Kevin on the right. The background image is a picture of the USA Blind Hockey team. The text says Turnbull TV #42, USA Blind Hockey.
We are super excited about this week’s episode! From three different states, we sit down with two members of the USA Blind Hockey team as well as Dylan Drexler from Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired – CABVI (CABVI). Last week would have been the third year for training camp for team USA here in Utica, NY. Hosted by CABVI. Due to COVID, the training camp was canceled but we still wanted to bring the team to you!
Members of the team, Captain Tim Kane & Kevin Brown sit down with Stephen & Dylan to talk about their stories and their journey of getting to Team USA. Truly inspiring!
Make sure to join us for this one and follow the team on their journey!

Watch the full episode here.