BSC Manager, Terri Fabrizio, Honored by Navy Captain

November 18, 2020

Terri Fabrizio standing in front of a van

Terri Fabrizio, store manager at the Shipyard Express in Kittery, ME, was visited by Captain Daniel Ettlich, Base Commander at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PSNY), and the COVID-19 Tiger Team (a prep and mitigation group). The purpose of their visit was to thank Terri and her staff for the tremendous support they provided with respect to the pandemic.

As part of the visit, Captain Ettlich presented Terri with a signed picture of PSNY and one of his personal challenge coins. Navy representatives explained that it is a great honor to receive a challenge coin, especially from a captain in the Navy. The challenge coin is a pocket-sized medallion that military commanders often give to service members as a mark of camaraderie, and/or as a special thanks for service(s) rendered. A commander’s unique coin carries symbols and mottos denoting their unit or office.

“Whatever PSNY asked you for, you worked tirelessly and supported us by going above and beyond any challenges you were faced with,” said Captain Ettlich to Terri Fabrizio. “We realize this was no easy task, and we cherish you for your support, determination, and dedication.”

When asked about the honor she received, Terri humbly responded by saying “I only did what needed to be done to keep everyone on the base safe. These products were hard to find, but I kept searching. I’m also grateful for my staff because I know without their hard work and dedication, we would not have been able to achieve what we did.”

Scott MacGregor, vice president of operations, was proud of Terri, but not surprised. “Terri is an excellent employee, and an amazing person,” said MacGregor. “She takes great pride in what she does to provide her customers with top-notch customer service and there isn’t an obstacle she can’t handle. I’m very proud of her and her staff for being honored by the Navy captain. Like me, they see what an asset she is to us, and the community.”

Terri is honored to receive the challenge coin and will prominently display it so she can share its meaning with her customers.