A common misconception is that those who are visually impaired cannot go on the internet. Accessible technology, such as screen readers and braille displays, have made it easier for visually impaired users to interact online. However, a portion of the internet is inaccessible to those who are visually impaired due to a lack of accessibility features on their websites.

An inaccessible website means being unable to connect with friends, buying things online, checking your bank balance, and more. With how vital the internet is to how we live, it is important that every company makes their website fully accessible.

While major players in the online field such as Google, Apple and Facebook have all made strides to introduce accessibility features, it is good to know what features to look for with websites.

Adding alt-text to all images on your website is important for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. For example, if the image links to another webpage, the alt-text should note that as well as describe where it will go. When posting links that use different colors to represent choices, do not use colors to make distinguishing between different choices. When posting links that go to other pages, do not use colors to make distinguishing between different choices. Giving the user the option to customize how they interact with the site is also vital, which ranges from increasing text size, different color contrasts, or removing all images for a text-only version of the website.

However, the easiest and quickest way to integrate accessibility into a website is to work these into the initial design of the website. With 2.2 billion people having some sort of visual impairment, you are putting barriers between them and what you have to say.

We have recently updated our website to include more site accessibility features. These features range from adjusting text size, adjusting the background and text color, and providing information about accessibility with the device or browser you use. Even if you are sighted, we encourage you to try out these features and learned about how websites need to be accessible to the blind community.

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