Father’s Day Gift ideas for Your Dad Who is Blind or Visually Impaired

June 9, 2022

Father’s Day is approaching and you may be wondering what to get your blind or visually impaired father that he will love. There are many different things that are both useful and enjoyable. Some examples are:

  • Talking watch
  • Magnifier
  • Large TV remote
  • E-Readers
  • Smart Home Devices

Talking watches come in many stylish options to choose from. They are quite easy to use with just a push the time will be read aloud. Some talking watches feature other options like setting alarms, having the date read aloud and being able to change the voice. Digital talking watches are available in sleek and durable designs.

Magnifiers are a great gift if your father likes to read, write or needs help with near or distant vision. There are different types of magnifiers like glasses, handheld, table magnifiers and high-powered digital magnifiers. Magnifiers come in handy for the visually impaired to complete daily tasks and be independent.

Large TV remotes come in different sizes, large and jumbo sized text. Large TV remotes are a great option for your father if he likes to watch TV but struggles with switching the channel and changing the volume.

E-readers are another great gift, if your father likes to read, listen to the news or magazines. The more accessible options available are the Kindle and iBook Store which is available on Apple products.

Smart home devices help out with many things and help the visually impaired live independently. There are many different devices that can read things aloud, set alarms or reminders, create grocery list, change the temperature and more.

There are many different options to consider for your Father’s Day gift that he will love and will also help in being independent.