The Mohawk Valley Braille Transcribers (MVBT) are a nonprofit organization dedicated to formatting all types of ordinary texts into Braille. Although the organization’s primary focus is the transcription of textbooks for all levels of education, their work has also included church bulletins, restaurant menus, and other various materials. The mission of MVBT is to provide the proper and necessary reading materials for blind and visually impaired individuals, enabling them to interact with all types of literature and their environment successfully and independently.

Originally organized by Harriet Kaler in 1973, and officially becoming incorporated in 1992 as Mohawk Valley Braille Transcribers, Inc., MVBT has been training individuals in the methods of Braille transcription in order to greater amplify their impact. Just in recent years, statistics show MVBT production has created over 50,000 pages of Braille texts, credited to the service of 10,200 volunteer hours. Due to this incredible volunteer contribution, MVBT has been able to make an impact in shipping their products to over 26 states.

If interested in contributing to the cause, MVBT offer training classes in Literary Braille Transcribing, where individuals are taught the methods, rules, and regulations of the practice.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact:
Nancy Hester
Production Center Coordinator
Tel: (315) 797-2233
Fax: (315) 223-4512
E-Mail: mvbt@cabvi.org

Mailing address:
MVBT, Inc.
507 Kent St.
Utica, NY 13501

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