Services Children Visual Impairments Central New YorkFor most children in Central New York, 90 percent of their early learning comes from vision. A child who is visually-impaired learns about the world in different ways other than watching – by touching, listening, imagining… exploring.

At CABVI we offer comprehensive services for children with visual impairments from birth through age 18.

At all ages, self-help is a vital component of our Children’s Services. The more children can do, the better image they have of themselves as they build their future. Throughout Central New York, we strive to increase a child’s independence through:

    • Mastery of alternate methods of learning
    • Development of compensatory skills
    • Efficient use of remaining vision

Functional vision training in Central New York incorporates concept development, mobility, adaptive aids and low vision devices.

Early Intervention – Birth to 3 years of age: CABVI’s professional staff understands the importance of early intervention with children who are visually impaired. Services provided soon after a diagnosis increase the child’s potential to reach developmental milestones similar to their sighted peers. It is important to bring experiences to the child, helping them explore their world.

Parents receive training so that they can reinforce teaching their children using adaptive techniques.

Preschool: Under the direction of a teacher of the visually impaired, the pre-school program focuses on concept development. Children are encouraged to explore the world through touch, using all their senses to decode the environment, comprehend it, and navigate it safely. With this preparation the majority of these children are able to attend regular school with sighted students once they reach school age.

School Age Services: Our team of specialized professionals continues services to children in their own school district. Teachers of the visually impaired, mobility instructors and vision rehabilitation therapists work with students under special contractual agreements with school districts. The needs of an elementary student may very greatly from the needs of a high school student but the overall goal remains the same – provide services to allow the student to achieve their highest levels of independence.

Other CABVI services for people who are blind & visually impaired in Central New York include:

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