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CABVI's Leadership Team

Cabvi CEO, Edward Welsh. He is wearing a black blazer over a white shirt and black, white, and blue tie.
Edward Welsh, President and CEO
Chief Financial Officer. Jill Koch. She is wearing a black and white floral shirt, a white undershirt, and heart shaped necklace.
Jill Koch, Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Public & Government Affairs, Dennis Webster. He is wearing a grey shirt, a orange and white tie, and a grey suit.
Dennis Webster,
Vice President of Rehabilitation, Kathy Beaver. She is smiling and wearing a blue shirt.,
Kathy Beaver, Vice President of Rehabilitation
Vice President of Human Resources, Julie Byrne. She is wearing a black and white shirt with a black blazer over the shirt.
Julie Byrne, Vice President of Human Resource
Vice President of Products and Distribution, Katie Eddy. She is wearing a light blue shirt and a black blazer.
Katie Eddy, Vice President of Products and Distribution
Vice president of operations, Scott MacGregor. He is wearing a tan blazer with a grey pattered shirt and a grey tie.
Scott MacGregor, Vice President of Operations
Vice President of Development and Communications, Steve Gannon. He is wearing a light blue shirt, a grey and brown tie, and grey blazer.
Steve Gannon, Vice President of Development and Communications
Vice President of Facilities Operations, Vincent Salatino. He is smiling, and wearing a blue blazer with a white button up with a red tie.
Vincent Salatino, Vice President of Facilities Operations
Vice president of services, Jessica Watson. She is wearing a grey blazer over a black dress shirt.
Jessica Watson, Vice President of Services
Director of Warehouse & Distribution, Kathleen Abruzzese. She is wearing a dark grey button down with light grey stripes.
Kathleen Abruzzese, Director of Warehouse & Distribution
Director of Community Relations, Paula Flisnik. She is wearing grey shirt and blazer with a pearl necklace.
Paula Flisnik, Director of Community Relations
Director of Production, Steve Niermeyer. He is wearing a white shirt, a black tie, and a black blazor.
Steve Niermeyer, Director of Production
Director of customer service, Angela Walker. She is wearing a grey floral patterned shirt.
Angela Walker, Director of Customer Service